How Brittany Deane and Briana Deane Jailed An Innocent Abuse Victim With The Help Of Sweet Briar College, Steven Nape & Andrew Childress.

Disclaimer: The information is part of an honest opinion and research, expressing genuine opinions on accurate facts.  We are reporting on them in a fair and accurate manner and in good faith. We feel these truths that have been covered up and suppressed deserve to be heard and have an important place in the public. 

Additionally, in order to make sure other people are not harassed by the Deane twins, Sweet Briar College or wrongfully prosecuted by what is obviously a questionable Amherst, Virginia Judge(s) (Chief Judge Sam D. Eggleston and Judge Michael T. Garrett) we feel it is necessary to make this information readily available in a public forum and preserve its protection under the 1st Amendment of the United States Constitution as well as preserve Due Process.  

Governments and individuals who abuse protective orders or make false rape allegations make it worse for the people who truly need help and are being victimized.  

Nothing in this is to be taken as a request to contact the Deane group or their place of employment through first or third parties.  This is a public forum where protected speech is being exercised.

As it currently stands, Andrew Childress, Sweet Briar College and the Amherst Government are all actively trying to hide these stated facts and cover up their crimes and behaviors that led to an innocent abuse victim being jailed…because he spoke out peacefully.

2014: Briana Deane And Her [ILLEGAL] False Allegations Of Rape, Theft & Assault

Dec 2014 – Leading up to Christmas 2014, Briana Deane had threatened Brittany Deane and her boyfriend.  Because of this Brittany and her boyfriend left for San Antonio and enjoyed Christmas away from Briana.  

Upon arriving back home from San Antonio Brittany warned her boyfriend that Briana was going to try to call the police when they enter the shared home.  Brittany asked her boyfriend to use a recording app on his phone and record the situation. As predicted by Brittany, Briana Deane attempts to make a false police report.  Her twin, Brittany Deane, will admit to the police that Briana is committing this crime and the police officer will then tell Brittany and her boyfriend to protect themselves as it appears Briana is making or going to make a false police report and is making false accusations.  Here is that recording:

“Briana Deane attempting to make a false police report off false accusations”

RESEARCHERS NOTE: Astonishingly, this is the recording that was used to justify the Deane twins ‘need’ for an ex-parte protective order.  It was also enough for Judge Eggleston to arrest this man, charge him and it was also ignored as evidence and was NOT listened to in Judge Eggleston court room, even though the entire reason for the hearing was because of this recording.  Later, Eggleston was caught on audio recording saying that “…it was not relevant to the case and he didn’t have time to listen.” This was, of course, after the plaintiff was allowed to testify on the recording.  We think this proves that Eggleston was acting inappropriately and sexually discriminating in his own court.  A violation of federally protected civil rights.

After the interaction with the officer, the officer takes Brittany Deane and her boyfriend outside to warn them that Briana Deane is making accusations and may file a false report.  During that time you can also hear Brittany admit that there is something mentally wrong with her sister, Briana Deane. This matches some of the claims that Briana Deane was abusing drugs as well as some of the claims Brittany has made, saying that Briana has done this to her (Brittany Deane’s boyfriends) in the past.

“Brittany Deane Admits Briana Deane Abuses Drugs”

“Texas Officer Warns Brittany Deane That Briana Deane May Make A Fake Police Report”

A man was jailed for speaking out against a woman who was making knowingly false sexual crimes allegations.  Steven Nape and Sweet Briar helped put this innocent man in jail for choosing to speak out.

Immediately after the interaction with the police officer, the father, William Deane sent an eerie, lightly veiled threat to Brittany’s boyfriend.  Here is the voicemail he left him:

“William Deane Threatens Man Briana Tried To Falsely Accuse Of Theft, Assault, Rape”

RESEARCHERS INSIGHT:  As pointed out by their father in the voicemail, he points out that these two sisters have deeply rooted problems and it appears that either one or both were addicted to adderall at one point in time, as was disclosed by Brittany Deane and captured on a recording.  Since the day of this recording Briana Deane, William Deane, Brittany Deane and certain members of Sweet Briar including but not limited to Steven Nape, possibly Nancyellen Keane and Tony Muchine as well as countless Amherst Government employees, judges, officers and staff members will work night and day to make sure the evidence of Briana Deane making false allegations, Brittany’s domestic abuse allegations and additional abuse and concerns raised by alumni and individuals are kept secret.  They (Deane Twins) have and still do act outlandishly in court hearings and go well out of their way to make sure this evidence is never heard in court. Ironically, the corrupt and dangerous Judge Sam Eggleston did allow the morally dysfunctional twins to register for an ex-parte preliminary protective order based off a recording, but he refused to listen to the recording in the first court appearance.  This protective order was against a man in Colorado who spoke up about abuse.  What type of person or judge do you have to be to think that is criminal?  At the same time the judge will allow the twins to testify on the events on the audio recording but will not let the male defendant to testify.  This is obvious sexual discrimination and violation of due process The JIRC refuses to acknowledge, further placing the citizens of Amherst, Virginia in direct danger of a corrupted Judge, Sam Eggleston.  The JIRC reappointed Eggleston, even with the leaked evidence of him committing violations against several citizens federally protected rights.  A dangerous man for JIRC to be in bed with.

2015: Brittany Deane; Domestic Abuser, Narcissist, Liar, Sweet Briar Alumni Bully, “‘Savior’ of Sweet Briar?”

Jan 2015 through Sep 2015 – Behind closed doors it appears that Brittany is always choosing to stand up on behalf of her boyfriend to her twin sister and violent father, William Deane.

However, during these months the effects of Briana and William Deane’s emotional and psychological abuse began to take a toll on Brittany and manifested itself as verbal, emotional and what seems to be sexual abuse or frustration towards her boyfriend.  

Notably, Brittany became extremely controlling.  Implementing her Mormon ideology on her boyfriend.  Telling him what to eat, what not to drink, what to believe and speak about with regards to politics, science and religion.  She eventually began to control what he was allowed to post on his social media profiles and whom he was allowed to interact with and call friends.  

Recall what two close friends wrote as friends of the courts letters concerning the effects the Deane family, specifically Brittany Deane, had on their friend:

Katie Letter Concerning Abuse By Brittney Deane.pdf

Brittany Deane Manipulates People She Sleeps With
Former US Marine Discusses Brittany Deane & Briana Deane

Amy Letter Concerning Abuse By Brittney Deane

Twins Who Speak Out Against Brittany Deane & Briana Deane
It was observed by many just how abusive Brittany Deane was to the people she is having sex with.

Brittany began to throw violent fits of rage over her current boyfriend’s past sexual relationships, going so far as to demand oral sex for the reason of; he had participated in premarital sex in the past.  When ignored or refused she would begin an emotionally abusive rant.

The following is a small section of a 2 hour argument where Brittany begins to devalue her boyfriend.  It should be noted, Brittany was engaging in sexual intercourse with this person.  It is believed that this person was not the first or the only person Brittany Deane was having sex with.

Brittany Deane Displaying Possible Narcissistic and Psychopathic Behavior

This type of abusive behavior that you will hear is commonly referred to as the “Devaluation Stage” in a relationship and is common in Narcissistic and Psychopathic individuals.  

For more research on narcissistic and psychopathic people and how they may perform in a relationship, we would like to provide the following links.  If you find yourself in a relationship with these types of people, please protect yourself.

During this time there was also a growing argument that kept popping up.  Among many things Brittany was attempting to control, one such was what females her boyfriend was allowed to interact with or hangout with.  She basically took his female friends down to zero out of her own insecurity.  At the same time she would act inappropriately towards men she claimed were friends, including touching inappropriately and emotionally cheating, possibly sleeping with several other men at the same time.  There were also inappropriate text messages with her previous boyfriends, and several sets of male twins she had met at an annual festival in Ohio called Twins Fest.  The twins were known to look for unsuspecting victims at Twins Festival in Twinsburg Ohio.  This is also where they had met several of their sexual partners and their current husbands, the Salyers Twins.   Brittany would not allow her boyfriend to hangout with other females, but saw no issue in jumping in the arms of a man she met and had what was described to us as a one night stand.  A couple of years later, one of her ‘other men’ posted a comment on a feed about the twins:

Brittany Deane Sleeping Around
An anonymous man comes forward about the abusive behavior of Brittany Deane and the negative effects it had on another person


There were several other very disturbing events that happened during this time period, such as Brittany and Briana Deane being fired from Justinian Lane PLLC, accused of stealing client lists and trade secrets that eventually lead to a wasteful back and forth in and out of courtroom.  Notice the behavior, this is what lawyers do.

Deane Twin Lawyers Sued For Several Violations of Contract
The Deane twins were sued by a former employer for several serious crimes. They were caught snooping around the financial books of Justinian Lane PLLC too.

This was kept quiet and dragged out in the court system for several months.  At one point we were informed that Brittany had asked her boyfriend to hack the Justinian Lane PLLC server so they could retrieve files to help them with the case.  To our knowledge, this was taken no further than the request.

The twins also began a type of ‘activism‘ for their undergraduate alma mater, Sweet Briar College.  Sweet Briar was facing a financial catastrophe that was threatening to shut down the embattled school, permanently.  A group known as “#SaveSweet Briar” rose up and took the reigns to make sure that the school not only stayed open, but was set and protected for its future.  The Deane twins, though not officially associated with #SaveSweet Briar, began to wear the mask of #SaveSweet Briar and started to give national interviews to outlets such as Vanity Fair and Business Insider.  Rejected by the students and alumni, smaller splinter aid groups and social media activist groups, the Deane twins began to look for a way into Sweet Briar College.  They began to rub several board members and directors, including former president Stone.

Sweet Briar College President Stone and The Deane Twins
President Stone, Brittany Deane, Briana Deane. President Stone, who was aware of what the twins were doing to alumni and an innocent male in Colorado, allowed his employees to fly around the country and harass and threaten alumni who spoke out against the schools shady business dealings.

Eventually, it is alleged that Nancy Yellen Keane along with others, created 2 positions for them under the management of Dr. Steven Nape, who at the time of this writing is employed by the Jefferson College of Health and Science after he was NOT asked back by Sweet Briar College despite his success in increasing student count during the year they were in financial trouble.  Silently one night, the twins left Texas and drove to Virginia. A secretly developed position awaiting their arrival and not publicly announced. When word was released the alumni, staff, and students were upset and spoke out on how they believe the Deane twins do not properly represent strong women from Sweet Briar and would weaken the image of the school.  Additionally, many alumni and students knew of the domestic abuse claims following the Deane twins. They were thought to have been contracted for 12-months like many other recent new hires at that time of strife for the college.  Sweet Briar College allowed these women to harass men and women, students and alumni.  

Amanda Walton
An alumni who fought to secure the safety of the student at Sweet Briar College from the violence and deceit of Steven Nape, Brittany Deane, Briana Deane.

Amanda WaltonAmanda Walton 3Amanda Walton 4

Nalini Mani

Jen Phelps StatonJen Staton 2Jen Staton 3Jen Staton 8Jen Staton 9Jen Staton 10

Oct 2015 – October would be the last month Brittany and her boyfriend would see each other in person.  After this, it became a family war. Celebrating their 1 year anniversary Brittany invited her boyfriend to Amherst, Virginia to see Sweet Briar college.  

In a room he booked for them, laid flower petals on the ground, put flowers in vases and played romantic music in hopes of course correcting the relationship.  The next day Brittany Deane took him to Sweet Briar College to show him where she went to school for her undergrad and to show him where she would be working.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Note About Pictures: The reason why these photos are important: Brittany Deane and Briana Deane will claim violence and physical harm from the involved male in a January 4th 2016 affidavit in order to gain a preliminary protective order, ex-parte.  Remember, the involved male lives in Colorado, not Virginia. This is the only time he has visited Virginia. Being that this was the last time the involved male saw Brittany Deane, these act as proof that Brittany Deane and Briana Deane lied under oath along with Steven Nape and defrauded the Amherst government and Sweet Briar College in order to obtain a preliminary ex-parte protective order.  During a face to face discussion between the involved male and the Amherst magistrate, the magistrate admitted that the Deane family along with Steven Nape made up several lies in order to receive the preliminary protective order, claiming that the involved male visits Virginia often and had family he visited in Virginia often. No known family members of the involved male live in Virginia and travel and credit card records show no visits to Virginia, ever.

Around the same time, in secret, it is alleged that Nancyellen Keane (LinkedIN) (Sweet Briar Council) secretly helped or enabled bringing in the Deane twins to Sweet Briar and crafted a position for them in the admissions department under the un-watchful eye of Steven Nape.  During this time the #SaveSweet Briar group was working hard to raise millions of dollars to help keep the school open.  Many board members were either let go or fired due to unreported circumstances, however, many students and alumni think money may have played a key role.  Once these positions were vacated they were quickly filled with people of which many alumni considered to be worse.  She helped in one way or another get the Deane’s into a position at the admissions department as co-directors. While in this position, the Deane twins would use Sweet Briar resources to jail an innocent man, threaten alumni and maliciously prosecute people who took political or public positions against them.  

Brittany Deane and Briana Deane threaten an alumni
With the approval of Steven Nape and Sweet Briar College, the Deane twins, Brittany Deane and Briana Deane would go around Virginia and threaten students and alumni.

When one of our reporters reached out to Beth shortly after she posted this comment in October of 2016, she remarked that after the incident with the Deane twins she felt her safety was compromised but more importantly she felt that her children were also not safe as a result of the Deane twins stalking behavior.  Steven Nape and Sweet Briar College allowed these twins to endanger the safety of students and alumni.

As far as we know, Sweet Briar knew and did not intervene to correct the misuse of its assets.  Sweet Briar College leadership and counsel even went as far as threatening a domestic abuse victim with civil lawsuits if he spoke out against his abuser.  In fact, it would appear that Sweet Briar knew the intentions of the Deane twins and allowed them to garner “fame” in return for positive publicity. The admissions department was transformed into a Deane twins PR department in most situations. 

During the short time at Sweet Briar, Brittany Deane and Briana Deane will be accused of making personal purchases on the schools credit card.  Our research team can neither confirm or deny it and Sweet Briar College refused to address the question. All we have is third party information:

The Deane Twins
Were the Deane twins fired for buying personal items on Sweet Briar Colleges credit card during a financial crises the school was enduring?

It is possible, though yet to be connected, they were also using these funds to help in the legal process they brought against the involved male.  We know for a fact that the Deane twins were using Sweet Briar resources such as Steven Nape and Tony Muchine in their effort to jail this innocent man as is evident by this letter Tony Muchine sent by request of the Deane twins.

Tony Muchine
A falsified document that Sweet Briar College drafted with the support of Tony Muchine with the intent to jail a domestic abuse victim.

Nov 2015 – Two very important conversations took place between Brittany Deane and her boyfriend.  The first was what we consider the breaking point for her boyfriend. Realizing William Deane and Briana Deane were not going to stop harassing him he told Brittany Deane he felt he needed to go public with the attempt Briana made at a false police report as well as the threat from her father in order to protect his life and other people who may cross paths with William Deane and Briana Deane. 

Additionally in November, the last known phone call between Brittany Deane and her boyfriend will take place. (Before Brittany Deane, Briana Deane, William Deane and Steven Nape will go in front of the Amherst Virginia Government and lie to silence their victim)  In this phone call you hear Brittany Deane apologizing for all that her family has done to this innocent person.


The reason this is important: Brittany Deane, Briana Deane and William Deane will deny all of the abuse they delivered to the involved male, even though recordings exist of them caught in the act.  They will lie to an Amherst magistrate, judge and police officer to cover this fact up. They will collude with other Sweet Briar staff to help make their lie more believable.  They did exactly this by using Tony Muchine and Steven Nape as well as other admissions department staff and employees. Steven Nape will even testify to spending additional funding on campus security as a way to legitimize the lie he and the Deane twins built to put this innocent domestic abuse victim away.  Essentially, Steven Nape spent Sweet Briar money on “security” because a man in Colorado spoke out against domestic abuse. It would appear that Sweet Briar is involved in the Deane twins plot, weather they know it or not. Their goal is to make sure these recordings are never released so the truth is never made public.  Having this information go public would be proof to the involved male’s statements that Brittany Deane and Briana Deane are lying under oath and using Sweet Briar College resources and/or staff members to help aid them in jailing an innocent victim.

Dec 2015 – Several important events happened in December 2015.  First, Brittany and her boyfriend had stopped talking to each other thanks to a successful psychological and emotional campaign headed by Brittany’s father and twin sister.

Her boyfriend, or estranged boyfriend at this point, was being contacted through several different mediums by Sweet Briar alums and board members who were asking and sometimes demanding very probing information on the Deane twins.  Never revealing why or for what, it soon became obvious that a counter-Deane twins movement was growing at different levels from within Sweet Briar.

Simultaneously, a hacktivist group began to turn its attention toward government corruption in Virginia after hearing several citizens speak out about Judge Sam Eggleston.  Citizens like Randy Mounts.  However, their eye was caught by the local drama happening in Amherst, Virginia. Some of the research into higher government officials seemed to point back to Sweet Briar board members.  There was even research done around Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe and his corruption case that lead back to Sweet Briar, we were told in an interview with an anonymous member of the hacktivist group taking part in the research side of the operation.  When we later followed up it appeared that this lead was cold or exhausted. It is also possible that this group was looking into non related complaints surrounding Chief Judge Sam Eggleston, who we will see later took the Deane twin cases and willingly discriminated against a defendant based on the defendants gender.

After a failed attempt to discuss these revelations with Brittany, the estranged ex-boyfriend began talking with the Sweet Briar groups and the hacktivists.  He delivered over 50 gigs of recordings, pictures, screenshots, phone calls, wires etc. It should be noted, he did attempt a peaceful resolution first with Brittany.

December 28th 2015 – The recording of Briana Deane attempting to make a false police report based off false accusations to a Pflugerville/Round Rock, Texas police officer was released on YouTube.  

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Jan – January saw the release of another audio recording.  January 4th 2016 the voicemail threat that was sent to the involved male by William Deane was released on YouTube.  

The Deane Twins Brittany Deane and Briana Deane
The Deane Twins Brittany Deane and Briana Deane
The Deane Twins Brittany Deane and Briana Deane
Screen shot of the description used in the uploaded audio recording of William Deane, father to Brittany Deane and Briana Deane, who threatened a whistleblower.

These two recordings are about to become the basis of a campaign to silence, murder and jail an innocent domestic abuse victim acting well within his right to express protected, non-violent speech.  These become more important because in court Brittany Deane, Briana Deane, Steven Nape and William Deane will claim these put their lives in danger and were considered threats to the physical well being of the Deane family.  However, in the context of the videos and the description it is clear the involved male is afraid for his life and expressing that fear. (It should be noted that for every thing the Deane twins said put them in danger, they now go out and do to other people on Facebook.  As recently as Dec 2018)

On the same day of the release of the second recording, hours after it was made public on YouTube, Briana Deane, Brittany Deane, William Deane and Steven Nape, after corroborating a knowingly false story together, went to an Amherst Virginia Magistrate at the Blue Ridge Jail.  Sweet Briar College had helped stack the deck with false investigations and bogus letters based off no evidence or claims.

They spoke with a woman, told her the story of the audio recordings.  Told her the suspected male was living in Colorado. They asked for a protective order and were turned down due to the man living in Colorado.  It did not constitute an immediate physical threat as the law requires.

§ 19.2-152.9. Preliminary protective orders:

  1. Upon the filing of a petition alleging that (i) the petitioner is or has been, within a reasonable period of time, subjected to an act of violence, force, or threat, or (ii) a petition or warrant has been issued for the arrest of the alleged perpetrator for any criminal offense resulting from the commission of an act of violence, force, or threat, the court may issue a preliminary protective order against the alleged perpetrator in order to protect the health and safety of the petitioner or any family or household member of the petitioner. The order may be issued in an ex parte proceeding upon good cause shown when the petition is supported by an affidavit or sworn testimony before the judge or intake officer. Immediate and present danger of any act of violence, force, or threat or evidence sufficient to establish probable cause that an act of violence, force, or threat has recently occurred shall constitute good cause.

NOTE: Typically in court they will ask ‘if a reasonable person…’ meaning, in our case, if a reasonable person thinks that by releasing audio recordings of your abuser abusing you, are you putting that abuser in harm’s way?  This could be one valid reason for a protective order. We eventually found a conversation between the defendant and a teacher who knew and worked with the Deane twins as well as taught them when they were undergraduates.  

Amy Leigh Campbell
Amy was brainwashed by the Deane twins. 2 years after her comment, she apologized to the male victim after realizing her part in furthering the abuse of a domestic abuse victim.

And now that Amy Leigh Campbell knows the truth about the Deane twins:

Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 2.48.06 PMScreen Shot 2018-10-15 at 2.49.46 PM

Notice she believes the use of the video as insurance in case something happens is odd.  However here we stand 3 years later with 2 more years of an extended order against a man who spoke out against his abusers peacefully.  She also states that she did not think the video(s) to be threatening.  In fact both the Amherst police and several investigators and lawyer have yet to find the threats that the Deane twins claim exist.

After being turned down they then began to tell very specific lies.  In an interview with the magistrate who took the complaint from the Deane group, she claimed that they stated that the male ‘visits Virginia often, has family living in Virginia and that the involved male had been violent and stalking, from Colorado.‘  There was no evidence to support this claim and common sense states that someone 1900 miles away can not truly be an active and immediate physical threat.  So how did the twins get the protective order?  The modern Feminist movement and the MeToo movement are partially to blame for the unfair and unequal treatment of men in family court situations.

This type of restraining order abuse has been seen before and is not excluded from even high profile celebrities such as David Letterman.  A citizen thought David Letterman was speaking in codes to her and as such went to her local police department and obtained a restraining order.  The order stated that Letterman was not allowed to “think” of the plaintiff. Now who is really more to blame here, the citizen or the dysfunctional judge who hands out protective orders like candy.


In fact we have seen a disturbing rise in restraining order requests in Virginia.  As reported by the Richmond Times Dispatch, “Statewide, the number of protective orders and emergency protective orders granted through general district courts increased more than 15 fold during the last six months of 2011 compared with the same period in 2010, before the law went into effect, according to data compiled by the Virginia Supreme Court at the request of the Richmond Times-Dispatch.  A total of 2,015 full protective orders and 4,941 emergency protective orders were granted during the first six months of the new law, from July 1, 2011, to Dec. 31, 2011. By comparison, only 141 full protective orders and 272 emergency protective orders were granted during the same six-month period in 2010, state figures show. The motivation for last year’s change in state law was the nationally publicized death of University of Virginia student Yeardley Love, whose ex-boyfriend, George W. Huguely V, is on trial now in Charlottesville on a first-degree murder charge in her 2010 death. A number of high-profile cases of domestic violence in the Richmond area also fueled concern.”

People very similar in character to the Deane twins and Steven Nape, started to abuse this new law.  “In one Richmond case, a resident tried to get a protective order against a neighbor who had placed a dead fish on her front stoop. In another, a woman who was embroiled in a long-standing dispute with a neighbor sought a protective order against the man for blowing leaves into her yard.

In a Fairfax case, a man who hired a contractor to do some work filed a protective order against the contractor after refusing to pay him. The contractor wanted to be paid, “and the guy didn’t want to pay him and wanted him to quit calling him,” said Fairfax County General District Court Clerk Nancy Lake.

The reality here is that this law is being abused.  This law was easy to abuse for a family of lawyers such as the Deane twins and their former NCIS lawyer father.


Since no violence had ever taken place, since the involved male lived 1900 miles away and never in the same state as any member of the Deane family, since the recordings released were not accompanied by threats, the issue of this order by the Judge and/or the magistrate was done so under false information making the order bogus from the start and also implicating the Deane twins, Steven Nape and William Deane in a felony.  

Briana Deane, Brittany Deane, William Deane and Steven Nape had to lie under oath in order to gain the order, defraud the government and committed perjury and conspiracy to commit fraud.  A very serious crime that comes at the cost of years of prison time. Yet even with all this incontrovertible evidence, Amherst refuses to charge these 4 white collar criminals. Sweet Briar refuses to take a stand against what they undoubtedly had a hand in.  Steven Nape even admits in open court that the group went to a hotel where they undoubtedly discussed strategy and “what to do next.”

Researchers Note: This is sexual discrimination by government and the educational institutions of a small “Good Ole Boy” town, Amherst, Virginia.  Not to mention there are federal laws being broken and constitutional rights being violated. This is part of a plague in Virginia Protective order requests explode with new Virginia law

The Deane twins, who are lawyers, knowingly took advantage of the sexual discrimination seen in the US family court systems.  The family court system is designed to discriminate against the men. Because Amherst Virginia is filled with corrupt and morally dysfunctional judges, they do not render fair justice, they discriminate on gender.  Amherst Virginia and Chief Judge Sam Eggleston as well as Judge Garrett are incapable of making morally responsible decisions and should be expelled from the local government.  Then add the social temperature of #MeToo and #TimesUp.  Movements claiming equality, but refuse to charge Asia Argento for raping a child. (New York Time: Asia Argento, #MeToo leader, paid sexual assault accuser)

Studies Show Judicial Bias Against Dads

Florida State University Law Review – Lagging Behind the Times: Parenthood, Custody, and Gender Bias in the Family Court

January 13th 2016 – Steven Nape, Brittany Deane and Briana Deane attempt to strengthen the corroborated lie they will tell in court by falsifying information for Mr. Tony Muchine in order to obtain a fraudulent document they can use in court.  Proving that not only was Sweet Briar aware but they were actively helping to jail and silence this innocent male victim that the Deane twins were preparing to maliciously prosecute with the help of Admissions Director of Sweet Briar, Steven Nape.  Take a look at the address it was sent to, Colorado. This then triggered a spending spree purportedly sparked by Steven Nape, or so he testified to in court. They were alleged to have bought thousands of dollars of new security equipment for the school, and the justification for that spending; a whistleblower in Colorado who was trying to help the school.  Again, this was his testimony in open court in Amherst, VA.

“Steven Nape Testimony Feb 2016”

Notice how posting on social media keeps coming up.  The real goal here is to make sure no bad press about the Deane twins is uncovered because that would negatively affect the school.

Feb 10th 2016 – During the hearing to finalize the preliminary protective order the involved male came with the recordings, but without a lawyer.  This was a huge mistake as the presiding judge, Chief Judge Sam Eggleston, obviously saw this as a weakness and took advantage of it through the entire court hearing.  We were provided a recording of the actual hearing and what we heard disgusted us and made us nervous for the citizens who live in Amherst. We say this with no pride or honor, Chief Judge Sam D. Eggleston is a corrupt judge and seems to enjoy the trauma he inflicts on people.  We already know that the Deane twins, Steven Nape and William Deane lied to get to ex-parte preliminary order, so it was not at all surprising when we heard them all lying in court. And for each outlandish claim, the judge never asked to see evidence. And when the involved male legally objected, the judge would tell him he has no right to object.  Still you can almost sense this man is hanging on till the end, till it is his turn.

Finally, after about 60 min of obviously colluded and false testimony from Steven Nape and the Deane family, the involved male was given his chance to speak.  Or so we thought.

Being that this whole ordeal was gravitating around the 2 audio recordings that were released on YouTube, you would expect the judge to want to hear the recordings.  No. The judge refused to let him play the recordings. So the judge didn’t hear Briana Deane making a false police report nor did he hear the father make his threat or the verbal abuse Brittany Deane inflicted. But these recordings were supposedly at the center of why the Deane twins felt in danger?  They also didn’t hear the police officer on scene admit that Briana Deane was making false accusations and might make a false police report, did not hear the twin sister Brittany Deane admit to the police officer on scene that Briana Deane was lying, didn’t bother to hear the veiled threat made by William Deane!!  None of the reasons given for the ex-parte protective order were discussed or heard or argued in this, their day in court. Obviously a serious issue in the Amherst courts, sexual discrimination and the abuse of protective orders.

Now, Judge Eggleston allowed Briana Deane and Brittany Deane to testify on the recordings, but when it came for the defendant to testify on these same incidents, Judge Sam D. Eggleston wouldn’t allow it.  The honorless judge even goes as far as saying, “it’s not relevant, and I don’t have time to hear it. The recording was about 5 min long. We want to point this out because it was ‘relevant enough’ for the plaintiffs to testify on just not the defendant.  This is not a fair trial by any means and is shocking to listen to knowing that it is an American courtroom.

Researchers Note: These recordings were relevant to arrest a male, hold a hearing and charge a male, relevant enough to issue an ex-parte protective order to a person in Colorado.  But this judge didn’t think the defendant deserved to have due process. This man was not given a fair trial. He was charged for the audio postings, even though the postings were dated before the request for the protective order.  He was still charged and arrested. This type of sexual discrimination is all too common in family court.

We were heartbroken to hear this but further research led us to a very interesting discovery concerning Chief Judge Sam D. Eggleston.  In October 2016, several months after the Feb 2016 hearing where Judge Sam D. Eggleston kidnapped an innocent abuse victim and violated his 1st, 5th and 14th federally protected constitutional rights, as well as violating Virginia Canon, a code of ethical conduct for Virginia judges, a political hacktivist group released the audio recording of Judge Sam D. Eggleston violating federal protections and canon.  When the group released this audio proof, the cowardice Judge Sam D. Eggleston recused himself from the cases involving the Deane group. This corrupt judge, who has successfully silenced the opposition that had proof of his crimes, was re-appointed in December 2017.

As of 2017: Several business owners, men, women and citizens have come forward with similar experiences with Chief Judge Sam Eggleston.  Citizens in Amherst have begun to collect signatures on a petition to remove Judge Eggleston and they have begun to speak to the Virginia General Assembly in hopes of removing Judge Eggleston in the near future.

June 16 2016 – Court Hearing & First 2 Social Media Charges. ( GC16001165-00 & GC16001166-00 ) – As it went, this time around was very different for our involved male.  He was again in front of the questionable Judge Sam D. Eggleston. His charges, violating a court order.  Apparently when he released the 2 videos, one of Briana Deane allegedly making a false police report and then the veiled threat from William Deane, the father, they claimed it back-violated a protective order.  It should be noted that this protective order did not even exist yet, this violation is back dated. The judge charged him for behavior that was not illegal and was not barred by a protective order.  You are reading this right, they backdated the protective order so that it could be used to lodge the violation. This type of behavior, again, raises the question, what is wrong with the Amherst government?

The involved male also had a lawyer this time around.  So Chief Judge Sam D. Eggleston was forced to be on his best behavior.  Ironically, Judge Sam D. Eggleston found the involved male innocent and threw out the charges.  Very different outcome. Almost lending itself to further question the behavior and ethics of Chief Judge Sam D. Eggleston on his preliminary hearing back in Feb 2016.

The involved male was found not-guilty of the 2 charges of violating a court order.  As he was walking out the front gate of the court house, he sat down and was in the early part of a phone call with his father.  The Deane group, Steven Nape, William Deane, Brittany Deane and Briana Deane, began to walk out from a side door, stopped, pointed at the male and began screaming at him and charged and encircled him while he sat, on the phone, directly outside the doors of the courthouse.  The police had to come out and pull the Deane group away and/or off of this person.  You know, the people who just got done claiming how terrified they were of this man.  Yes, them.  They approach and encircled him with absolutely no fear.

They immediately filed a new charge against him for the incident.  Simply stating that the defendant said “hello” and that was a crime that put the Deane twins in fear of life.  Amherst Virginia, it is your taxes paying for this nonsense.

Then, the male was arrested, booked, charged and had to hire his lawyer again and schedule to appear for a new hearing.  As he was finally released, missing his flights, he posted to social media a message to his father. The message was something like, […I am safe and leaving Virginia.  I will be home soon…] Paraphrased, but it was a message to his family to let them know he was alive and on his way home to Denver.

The Deane group filed 2 new charges because of that message.  3 new charges total, before he even landed back in Denver, CO. he was a felon at cruising altitude.  All 3 of the new charges were turned down by Amherst, VA magistrates because they began to see the Deane twins were abusing this person and the process.  They had to go to Lynchburg, VA to get these new violations where no one was aware of what the Deane twins and Steven Nape were really doing.

Aug 18 2016 – Motion for RDL

Oct 2016 – October saw two very important events.  First, it saw Chief Judge Sam D. Eggleston being caught red-handed arresting an innocent man who he, the judge, did not afford a fair hearing.  Second, rumors of an investigation around the admissions department staff members started to rise up.

The Deane twins “left” Sweet Briar College.  More rumors about why started to pile up. Some say there was inappropriate spending, others say the college was fed up.  Either way, they left.

We also were made aware of this statement made by the Deane twins after they were removed.  Shortly after it was posted, Sweet Briar College asked them to take it down.


We were told Sweet Briar reached out to the Deane twins and asked them to remove the post.  After this we were unable to find any new friendly connections or mentions from either party about each other.   As of the time of this writing, Nancy Yellen Keane, Brittany Deane, Briana Deane, Steven Nape and Tony Muchine are no longer with Sweet Briar College.

It should be noted that during the time where Steven Nape and the Deane twins were in charge of the admissions department, admissions increased.  Making it even more perplexing as to why they trio was not asked to stay on board.

There were also suggestions alleging a non-disclosure agreement was signed, making it that the Deane twins legally couldn’t comment on why they were fired or let go or left.  This was actually tested in a court hearing where both the Deane twins refused on legal grounds (contract) to answer if or why they were no longer employed at Sweet Briar College.  

Nov 3 2016 – Federal Hearing – Presiding Judge Garrett – Arriving to the hearing, the involved male was facing 3 charges that put him in felony violation and was thus heard in the federal arm of Amherst courts.  Each twin has a restraining order. The one he dated and the one he only met once, more than a year prior. However, each of the plaintiffs claim a violation, it actually counts as 2 violations.  2 of his charges were from one social media post. In one post, he stated to his father that he had won his case (back in June 2016) and was safe and would be home soon. Brittany Deane and Briana Deane viewed that as a violation and a threat to their immediate physical safety.  They filed 2 violations. One for Brittany, one for Briana. And yes, Sweet Briar representative Steven Nape was there to testify as to why he believed that by the defendant telling his father he was safe and on his way home, the defendant should go to jail for 12 months.

The 3rd charge was from an incident that happened immediately after the June 2016 case.  It is purported that while this man was on the phone with his father, updating him on the outcome of the case he had just won, the Deane group (Brittany Deane, Briana Deane, William Deane and Steven Nape) saw him, huddle together, then charged toward him (the defendant) while screaming obscenities at him.  According to eyewitnesses, the Deane group completely surrounded him, with the father motioning towards him with violent mannerisms. 2 Amherst police officers had to pull the Deane group away from the involved male. The Deane group immediately filed this interaction as a violation of the protective order, under the no contact clause.  In summary, it appears that the Deane group, comprised of 3 lawyers and a Ph. D., Steven Nape, frustrated from a devastating and humiliating loss in court concocted a quick plan to lash back at their long time victim. When you think about this, if the defendant was on the phone with his father, the Facebook message makes more sense. He was telling his dad that after the attack he just heard on the phone, he (the defendant) was safe and on his way home.

The proceedings opened up with an argument about government overreach with its concern on how the protective order was drafted.  Judge Eggleston, who by this time was known to be corrupt, was too broad and too restrictive in the protective order. Basically completely taking away this man’s 1st amendment rights.  This went back and forth several times. Garrett had called Andrew Childress and the involved males attorney, Gary Straw, to his private chambers. After no resolution and no applicable case law available, the order was for the 2 attorney’s to draft a case law argument to be heard at a separate date by Judge Garrett that would define and set a legal precedent which could be followed and studied by scholars and students of law and would also help resolve the legal argument.

We assume this was a terrifying outcome for the Deane group.  We know that more often than not when 1st amendment rights violations go up the legal chain, they are almost always successfully won on behalf of free speech.  Most recently was the Elonis v. United States finding about speech on social media.  Knowing that for generations people would study and cases would cite how the Deane group was actively violating a man’s right to unrestricted speech must have been to real for them.  

The involved male flew back, free, for now.  The legal system must grind for a moment.

2017: The Deane twins are still abusing people and protective orders.

January to June 2017 – By this time, many people had begun to hear the stories of how Sweet Briar college was actively helping to silence an innocent male, how the Deane group was violating law and getting away with it.  Needless to say, activists light their own torches. Websites began to pop up, the leaked media was making rounds through various people. Alumni, political activists, general assembly members, Virginia senators, PAC’s, hackers and hacktivists.  The word was slowly starting to get out about what was happening. Publicity started to catch. Exactly what Judge Eggleston tried to stop and exactly what the Deane twins truly feared; The Truth Was Coming Out.

July 26th 2017 – Federal Hearing – In Between the July 26th 2017 hearing and the Nov 3rd 2016 hearing there was additional hearings that the involved male flew out to Amherst for.  However, the Deane group and Steven Nape didn’t show up. The reason we want to highlight this, if the involved male displayed that level of disrespect, he would have had a federal warrant out for his capture, with force, guns drawn with intent to kill.  Police work.

Court was in session, almost immediately the prosecution threw out the social media charges.  The judge ruled. Tossed.

And after having our legal experts review, we share the opinion.  It was clearly a tactic to protect the reputation of these lawyers.  There was absolutely no concern for law in this decision. As such, disappointingly, important case law was not made that day in a federal court room in Amherst, Virginia.  The commonwealth let down the people, again.  Andrew Childress is a disappointing attorney.

The third charge was then argued.  Again, this charge was summed up as the “Hello” violation.  The argument made by the plaintiff via Andrew Childress was that his four clients testify that the involved male said ‘hello’ to them or made some type of contact.  The defense states that the involved male was on the phone, in mid conversation, with his father and was actually accosted by the Deane group when they [William Deane] charged at him.

The prosecution had 4 people as evidence to their argument.  The same 4 people who had been maliciously prosecuting this man for the past 2 years.  The defense had the Verizon wireless phone bill showing that the involved male was in fact in mid phone call with his father.  The defense also had the father testify as a witness to the event. Finally, the defense also had the audio recording of the incident from the involved male’s phone.

The final decision lay with Judge Garrett.  It was clear that for this entire year he had been involved in this case, he knew something was not right with the Deane group.  In court you can tell he is frustrated with them. The prosecution, Andrew Childress was asking for 12 months in jail, for allegedly saying ‘hello’.  At this point it should be obvious the Deane group just wants blood.  There is no real justice to be served here.

The people we have talked to in the Amherst Government and from the defense both stated that it appears Judge Garrett knew the Deane twins were abusing this involved male but since the law stated some jail time MUST be served the judge had to give him some “time.”  It appeared he did this through gritted teeth. The involved male was sentenced to 1 year, 11 months of that was stayed, serve 1 month. Felony knocked down to a misdemeanor, serve 15 days.  The Deane twins had just put an innocent person in jail, all because he was speaking about the abuse he was enduring at the hands of the Deane family.  

Now, politically and socially speaking and with the temperature of the modern feminist and civil rights movements, the judge, by jailing the defendant, made a mistake and sent an innocent domestic abuse victim to jail for doing the right thing and speaking up about his abuse.  But he had to because if he doesn’t blindly trust the women, for the sole fact that they are….women, he stands to suffer from heavy political blowback and possibly even social blow back. What has effectively happened here is that some of the feminist policies and viewpoints and protests are unfairly reshaping judicial rulings.  Because these women were women, not because of evidence, they are believed blindly. If this type of judicial sexual discrimination doesn’t scare the Amherst Virginia citizens, what would? It appears men are not safe in Amherst Virginia.  

Not a heavy sentence, but remember, an innocent, domestic abuse victim was taken to jail that day because he came forward, with evidence, of his abusers in the act.  There was no justice here. There was only sexual discrimination. An innocent man was sent to jail by Brittany Deane, Briana Deane, William Deane, Steven Nape, Andrew Childress, Chief Judge Sam D. Eggleston, Judge Garrett, and Sweet Briar College.  The women, used their gender to send a good man to jail. These protective orders are abused like this everyday. The feminist movement wants you to believe this never happens. Ironically they are silent on this case. You wouldn’t jail Alyssa Milano for speaking out against Harvey Weinstein, would you?

The involved male was taken to jail.  Meanwhile, outside the courthouse the Deane group was meeting with 2 unidentified, older men who were later identified as 2 lawyers at the Virginia firm, Hawthorne and Hawthorne P.C..  These older men were inconspicuously present during the hearing(s) but kept their identity hidden as best as possible.

July 26th – Brittany Deane Jailed The First Man She Had Sex With.

The following is a day by day diary that was kept by the involved male while he was in jail.  When he was taken to Blue Ridge, he was put on suicide watch, the closest thing to legal torture the facility has.  No toilet, no toilet paper. No bed, sheets, pillows, blankets. Just a concrete block with a small hole in the ground to urinate and defecate in.  While in this status, the involved male was wrapped in a heavy protective blanket, naked underneath. No socks for his feet, touching cold concrete bare.  His food was served without utensils and in styrofoam sets. He was sealed, naked and stripped of any dignity. After he was removed from that, he was kept in solitary confinement.  These are his notes he scribbled with a pencil he found in an air vent.

July 26th

The foolish Judge Garrett fell for the lies of the Deane family.  To his credit the Deane family are sly and this was basically a he said, she said.  He gave me 12 months, suspended 11. I will serve 15 days. I didn’t get dinner tonight.

July 27th –

Blue Ridge Jail Holding Cell – I awoke stiff and depressed.  Reality has set in. I was in jail as an innocent man. I started to loose my mental strength.  To them i’m just another inmate. I considered suicide all day. Just like I had on my birthday, July 17th.  A placement officer came by. Saw I had not eaten 2 meals. I told him my thoughts. He called for a white shirt.  She put me into the suicide watch cell. No toilet, no water, no clothes, no bed cushion. Just a square box with no windows.  A small grate on the floor was expected to be used for peeing and pooping. Blood on the walls and pubic hair all over the floors.  This is hell. This makes you want to die.

July 28th –

I met Mrs. Ward.  She took me off suicide watch.  I asked for solitary confinement.  Still depressed.

July 29th –

Still not eating.  If I miss one more meal I will be placed on suicide watch again.  Depressed, I try telling my story. No one cares. Around 3p I am moved to S2, Solitary Confinement.  I schedule a mental health meeting.

July 30th –

Blue Ridge Solitary Wing – Further depressed, forcing food in my mouth.  The screams of mentally disabled people around me are now my life soundtrack.

July 31st – Aug 2nd

Sinking into depression even further.  I stay in bed all hours. I only get up to get the food.  I don’t sleep, am very tired. I just stare at the white walls.  I have been eating vegan still, very proud. But it means I don’t get proper calories.  I am lucky to get 300-500 a day. I typically eat O.J. in the a.m., 3 strawberries at lunch and maybe squash and 5 cubes of cantaloupe in the p.m..  They refuse to give me a vegan diet. As of Aug 2, I have lot 13lbs.

Aug 3rd –

I spoke w/Mrs. Ward.  Today, this morning, I noticed an uptick in my mental fortitude.  My thoughts are clear, and I am still depressed. I was able to tell Mrs. Ward my story.  She agreed, I don’t belong in jail. She stated, “This sounds like revenge.” She questioned how Virginia felt it correct to issue an ex-parte protective order on a man in Colorado.  Someone finally listened. She urged me to not give up and fight when I get back out.

Aug 4th –

A renewed sense of faith from yesterday.  I have some hope and a plan. Being innocent in jail….sucks.  Hungry, only had O.J. this a.m.. Lunch, 5 or 7 cubes of cantaloupe and water.  Got a card from [a friend] today. Very surprised, I had been thinking of her recently.  They wont let me write her back. I wonder how she found me. Now I dream of sushi and leaf from southfaring, 1417 crop.  I also can’t stop thinking about our travel adventure. I have plenty to mull over.

Aug 5th –

Last night’s dinner was not edible for the most part.  I awoke hungry, lethargic as usual. Almost can’t get out of bed again.  Depressed and concerned. Im innocent and in jail. I have slept all day.

Aug 6th –

After sleeping all day yesterday, I am well rested, but hungry,  Anger is starting to set in. The Deane twins, their father, Steven Nape, Judge Eggleston and Judge Garrett all deserve to be here instead of me.  I am trying to stay focused. I need to do the right thing and bring them to justice. I don’t want my anger to consume me, although who would blame me.  However, if I go down that path, what makes me different from the Deane twins?

Aug 7th –

Last night’s dinner was not edible.  I ate 10 chips and 1 cookie. They slid a spoon to me on the ground.  Gross. Needless to say, I awoke weakened, again. Today I made a request to speak on the record with the magistrate.  I fear it will be turned down. I will defeat them. I am innocent.

Aug 8th –

I didn’t sleep much last night.  I think i’m afraid to leave the jail.  The Deane family wants me dead. Im afraid someone might be waiting for me outside.  They wouldn’t be charged too because 1.) Amherst is corrupt. 2.) Modern protective orders are meant to disarm and endanger the male.  I also fear further malicious prosecution. It’s an odd feeling, to want to stay in jail because i’m afraid of what my abusers will do next.  Thanks Judge Eggleston, Judge Garrett, Bev Wiley and Andrew Childress. You should be proud. In court Brittany said she is terrified of me that she sleeps with a weapon.  I think she is setting the stage for a murder. It doesn’t make sense. I have never threatened her, harmed her. I opened doors for her and loved her. How is one so afraid for life when all I have done was release a recording of her twin sister making a false police report and of her father threatening me.I believe she is playing for the court.  It reminds me of a recording I have of Brittany Deane saying she would lie in court to avoid jail. Just got notice of my release, Aug 10th.

Aug 9th –

I’m supposed to get out on the 10th.  I have 2 odd feelings. First, am I really getting out or have the Deane family made more violation requests.  Second, what awaits me outside? Lawsuits? A man with a gun? I’m terrified.

There have been 3 guards tell me how nice and pleasant I am and they have all wondered how I got here.

Aug 10th –

I am going to try and interview the magistrate.  I think a bigger problem now exists. Even though the magistrate told me in Aug 2016(maybe) that the Deane twins lied to get a protective order, I feel they wont let me charge them with fraud and perjury because I am a male.  I feel there is an obvious sexual discrimination problem and that is a civil rights issue. There is also a constitutional issue with Judge Sam Eggleston.  I will need to speak with Civil Rights lawyers and go to federal courts.

August 10th – Blue Ridge Jail

Release day.  In an interview after he was release the involved male told us, “I asked for the guards to look around the area to make sure no one was waiting for me.  They swept the parking lot and found nothing. So I began to walk over to the far side of the parking lot to call a cab and my father appeared, out of nowhere, seemingly.  He picked me up, had new clothing, and we drove to an undisclosed location where we took a plane south and eventually came to be in southern Florida. My father was worried that someone would be waiting for me so he came prepared with a plan to get me out of Amherst jurisdiction and out of the state before they could come get me.“

2018 – Yes, The Deane Twins Called The FBI On A Man Who Is Still Doing Nothing.

Feb 7th 2018 –

After being told twice to give up, and actually giving up both times despite him being in the right, then continuing to still be prosecuted and harassed by the Deane group, a truly disgusting judge gave the Deane twins a 12 month continuation of the protective order.  Of course right after he told many amusing stories of his nephew twins, in open court.  

Leading Up To April 25th 2018 –

The defendant filed for appeal of the Feb 7th 2018 hearing.  However, he quickly removed his appeal and decided to move forward.  

Virginia law allows for the Deane twins (the Plaintiff) to give permission for the defendant to withdraw an appeal.  They refused to allow the defendant to withdraw his appeal and scheduled a hearing for April 25th 2018.

In the meantime the Deane twins began to form new false charges in Prince Edward County, VA hoping to have him arrested on new charges the moment he stepped into Virginia.

The Deane twins also got engaged and began to mention and tease this victim in national news publications that were supposed to be focused on a twin engagement.  

To bring this full circle, these Deane twins want us to believe they don’t want anything to do with this defendant, they are scared of him and just want to be left alone while not leaving this man alone, maliciously prosecuting him for personal and political gain and keep setting traps for him knowing that, as women, it will always be, unquestioned, when you abuse the protective order-weapon you achieved through fraud.

Additionally, their husbands, The Salyer Twins, Jeremy and Josh Salyers, have now also started to abuse and harass this person and/or have asked for protection after they have inflicted abuse.  (At the least, we are able to verify Jeremey is acting in an abusive and stalking manner.  Josh seems to be respectably silent or well controlled.)  

NOTE: The irony here is that the Deane twins and the Salyers twins are doing exactly what the Deane twins said was disgusting and put them in danger.  So does this not put the defendant in danger? And if there is a protective order to protect these people from the defendant, why are they reaching out to him and teasing him online?

A person they have never met, have never spoke to and have no ill will against.  And come the April 25th 2018 hearing they, after harassing this person, will beg the judge to be placed on the protective order that their soon to be wives have been using to abuse the defendant for the past 3 years.

This is the definition of protective order abuse and Brittany Deane, Briana Deane Josh Salyers and Jeremy Salyers are abusing a protective order.  What does this say about them as human beings?

April 25th 2018 –

The male was no longer showing up to court dates.  He has filed for appeal from the Feb 7th 2018 hearing only to try to remove the request for appeal shortly there after.  

And as expected the cowardly Salyers twins, Jeremy Salyers and Josh Salyers, asked to be placed on the protective order so they could be protected while they abused, harassed and stalked the defendant.  Knowing he legally can’t even stand up for himself as they spread lies and tease and taunt for action.

There is a point where the Deane twins spoke out of line and Judge Garrett threatened to throw them in jail if they continue to behave in such a manner.  But Judge Garrett, weather his hands are tied by unfair laws or he is just another questionable Amherst judge, refuses to do the right thing. Thought we think he knows what is happening.

Aug 1st 2018

Most recently in Honolulu, Hawaii, 2 FBI agents stalked and found the defendant days before the wedding.  These FBI agents were responding to another falsified request by the Deane twins. This just goes to show you that the Deane twins won;t leave this victim alone.  And they have used Steven Nape, Sweet Briar College, and many others to harass and silence this man from ever speaking out. To the point where the FBI is now harassing him.  Do we really live in a world where if a male stands up and speaks out about abuse he is questioned by the FBI? Is this the equality we are fighting for?

More as it develops…