brittany-deane-2Brittany Deane

Manipulative. Lying, deceitful criminal lawyer who perpetrated an entire plan to jail a domestic abuse victim.  She enlisted the help of her twin sister Briana Deane, Steven Nape and their father, William Deane.


briana-deane-2Briana Deane

The fire behind the use of the protective orders is Briana Deane.  Her and William Deane are the main individuals in control here.  Briana has been looking for this exact moment for years prior.



Father of The Deane TwinsWilliam Deane

Another strong control individual.  He along with Briana Deane are behind the sinister abuse of the protective order.  There only goal is to silence the involved male or have him jailed.  This man is deranged and dangerous.  This psychopath has nor morals and should not be trusted.



steven-napeSteven Nape

CEO of Fifth Postulate who oversaw the Deane twins shortly before they were reported removed from Sweetbriar.  This coward is now in hiding and can not keep a job down because of his perverted support of abusing domestic abuse victims.


Fired from Sweetbriar College.  Mysteriously gone after a short term at Jefferson College of Health Science.

nancyellen-keaneNancyellen Keane

One of the several thought-to-be questionable employees. Attorney Nancyellen Keane ’78 has been appointed vice president for administration and general counsel of Sweet Briar College.  She was responsible for bringing the Deane twins into Sweetbriar and was also responsible for firing them when she discovered Brittany Deane and Briana Deane were allegedly spending on personal items, allegedly.  She is thought to have offered a secret deal with the Deane twins.


president-phillip-stonePresident Stone

President Stone was provided recorded evidence of several crimes committed by Brittany Deane and Briana Deane and ignored the voice of the alumni and students to remove the Deane twins as co-Directors of Admissions.


judge-sam-d-egglestonChief Judge Sam D. Eggleston

The Dishonorable Chief Judge of Amherst District Court.  Judge Eggleston disregards citizens constitutional rights, disregards the CANONS OF JUDICIAL CONDUCT FOR THE STATE OF VIRGINIA, disregards relevant evidence in cases that pit males vs females, disregards the laws of testimony, rules of objections in U.S. court and refuses to allow men to testify.

Judge Michael T Garret of Amherst VirginiaJudge Michael T. Garrett

The disgraced Judge Michael T. Garrett is ultimately responsible for the kidnapping of a domestic abuse victim.  Judge Garrett should be considered dangerous and needs to be brought to justice to answer for his crimes.  If you are in a case adjudicated by him, get a new judge for he has no honor and does not follow the law.  Shame on this criminal judge for perverting the peoples court room.



Judge Richard A. Claybrook

Judge Richard A. Claybrook is an idiot who is not fit to adjudicate any longer.  Please don’t feed the animal.


tony-muchineTony Muchine

The investigator at Sweetbriar College


captain-john-grieserCaptain John Grieser

A typical untrustworthy police officer who makes decisions based on gender and not facts.  Uses emotional tactics to render innocent victims voiceless in cases he is a part of.  This officer could do so much for this case but we fear pride gets in his way as well as local politics.


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